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  • Bernie Sanker passed away on Wednesday, August 26th, as you know in the Jewish religion a funeral needs to be planned immediately, I just wanted to let you know how fabulous Tisha was of taking care of all the funeral arrangements, she was professional, courteous and beyond kind, she followed up on everything from the obituary notice to the Death Certificates, she made everything "easy" for me, Danzansky's Funeral Home was outstanding.....thank you, Terri Sanker
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    The Sanker Family, September 11, 2015

  • Together with my children and their families, I am writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding funeral arrangements provided by the Danzansky-Goldberg team for our wife and mother, Judith Weiner. We were treated with the utmost patience, understanding, and sympathy for our loss. We also benefited from a process that was well-organized and staff members who were well-prepared, allowing us to receive immediate answers to our questions and guidance when we needed it. The funeral and interment were executed flawlessly, so all the mourners could concentrate on our dear loved one and celebrate her life. Your staff members are consummate professionals, and I would recommend them without reservation. I want to mention especially Scott Massing, Brad Smetzer, and David Madock, with whom we worked closely. Thank you again.
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    John Weiner

  • We want to express our thanks and appreciation to you for your professional and compassionate support to us following the death of our beloved daughter, Rachel Roberts. You guided us through the necessary steps and left us feeling confident that we were in good hands. Thank you also for helping us engage Rabbi Maltzman for the services at the Chapel and gravesite. We and many others truly appreciated his words and readies. He was so thoughtful as to call us on Monday to ask how we were doing then. We told him that we were so taken with his choice of readings and thoughts that we plan to visit him at his synagogue when we return from France in mid-May. Further, we also thank you for the smooth operation of the funeral itself. We were able to focus on the service itself and the many people who came to the Chapel without having to be concerned with the operation itself. We are most appreciative of your help and that of the staff of Sagel Bloomfield Funeral Care. Michael and Linda Roberts
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    Michael and Linda Roberts

  • Ed and Scott, You all have done so much for my family the past year and a half – I cannot thank you enough. I hope all future contact with SagelBloomfield is for referrals. Your entire operation is top notch; white kid glove; five star. Layne Weiss
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    Layne Weiss

  • I don’t know when they stopped referring to Memorial Chapels as Funeral Homes, but, for me and my entire extended family and friends………………………. Danzansky-Goldberg put the “Home” in Funeral Home!! From my first phone call to announce that my beloved mother had passed on, they were caring and quietly dignified as we began the process of marking and defining her death. As with many jewish mothers, I often present a control conundrum (difficult problem) for those trying to help me. However, there was gentle guidance, no body language that spoke negatively, no rushing, and no long explanations and tedious details to further burdon an already difficult time in my life. And yet, when I walked out of the conference room I felt confident that my mother’s funeral would be a product of a well-seasoned, seamless organization. That projection became reality. As would be expected,Ii had questions and either lee or brad was always available on company or personal cell phone to answer immediately. To my knowledge, I don’t think I ever had to leave a message, nor did anyone have to call back. Besides being a proverbial Jewish mother, I am quite impatient even when not faced with a parent’s death!! I never found myself worrying or wondering about the funeral process. That was taken out of my hands and I could totally concentrate on the enormity of my loss. The limousine service arrived at my home ahead of the 8:30 a.m. Time, and that is quite impressive given the challenge of a tuesday morning rush hour in the DC area. Although I would have rather seen it pull up for a prom, this was a welcomed sight as I began the day. He fought the traffic as we traveled from Virginia to Maryland, and arrived punctually. My mother was a Washington DC native as well as I, and I grew up attending many funerals in that chapel. The meet and greet room is perfect. It’s beautifully and tastefully decorated. It’s comfortable. The temperature and lighting are perfect as the crowds begin to fill the room. There is no distraction or noise to detract from the person we are memorializing. From the corner of my eye I saw staff tending to things, but never intrusive and barely noticeable. I felt as though I was in a room in my own home. As we were courteously escorted to the chapel I took my seat in the always comfortable pews. Again, that room feels like home to me. I have a long history there. After all, death is an inevitable part of living a life. The quiet understated lighting, the two circular art plaques on either side of the lord’s prayer, the beautiful wood….can’t imagine any other place to host my mother’s coffin during her funeral service.
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    Dale C.

  • Your excellent service was greatly appreciated.
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  • Through our years of working together, you’ve always been available to me and my staff with open lines of communication at all times, day or night. You have always accorded the bereaved with integrity and honesty from the first phone call through the funeral process. It is and has been a pleasure to work with you where we can count and depend on the needs and desires of our congregants to be met with excellence.
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    Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig, Washington Hebrew Congregation

  • Dear Mr. Sagel, I wanted to let you know how wonderful Scott, Tisha and the rest of the team behind the scenes and graveside performed their roles in laying Mom, Pearl Ellerin, to rest. I’m sure that Mom’s hopes of an “easy” burial were realized beyond her expectations. Your services were excellent and certainly above my expectations. Feel free to use me as a family member reference for the value of pre-planning a funeral and the hardship it guards against for the deceased’s family. Thank you again for helping my parents, Albeit and Pearl.
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    Michael Ellerin

  • Dear Scott, I wanted to take the time to drop you a note of thanks for your offer of help in supplying an air conditioned facility and food for our elderly residents during this weeks’ power outage. We are fortuanate to have much appreciated community neighbors such as yourself in times like this. Our dedicated and committed staff stayed as long as needed to make sure our residents across our campus were safe and well cared for. On behalf of the entire Charles E. Smith Life Communities, I again thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Sincerely, Warren R. Slavin President/CEO Charles E. Smith Life Communities
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    Charles E. Smith Life Communities

  • I heard recently of the impending purchase by Ed Sagel of the Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Home and Edward Sagel Funeral Direction in Rockville, Maryland. I was delighted to hear the news. I have worked closely with Ed for nearly 25 years and have been an eyewitness to his many accomplishments as a funeral director, owner, and manager. Ed is a consummate professional and very dedicated to the welfare of the families with whom he works. He is deeply respected by his colleagues, associates, and employees. Ed is also extremely knowledgeable about the nature, make up, and unique characteristics of the Washington area Jewish community which enables him to perform his duties with integrity and sensitivity. I am certain that our Jewish community will benefit deeply from Ed's stewardship of two of the most prominent Jewish institutions in Washington D.C. Respectfully submitted, Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman January 29, 2014
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    Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman, Kol Shalom