History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

Edward Sagel, founder of Edward Sagel Funeral Direction, Inc., is a first-generation funeral director who started his career in funeral service in 1987. While attending and graduating Towson State University in 1988, Ed decided he would continue his path towards becoming a licensed funeral director by attending a Mortuary Science program in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon completion of the program, Mr. Sagel returned to Rockville, Maryland in 1991, and began his career with the Goldberg Family at Danzansky-Goldberg Memorial Chapels. Danzansky-Goldberg always had deep roots within the community including the founding of the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. Within months, the Goldberg Family sold their interest in the company to Service Corporation International/Dignity Memorial. In 1994, Ed decided that he would create a store front funeral home with a new approach to the industry that would cater to the needs of the Jewish Community while keeping costs to the families low, thus, with the help of the Shulman Rogers Group, Sagel Funeral Direction was born. Within a couple of years, Ed built a great reputation within the community and decided in 1996 to sell his company to Service Corporation International/Dignity Memorial. Dignity Memorial realized very quickly that Ed was very respected and also had deep ties within the community. SCI retained Ed to manage both Sagel Funeral Direction and Danzansky-Goldberg Memorial Chapels. The firms continued to thrive within the community. Ed was given the opportunity to purchase both firms from SCI in 2014 with the hopes of creating a strong future in Montgomery County and surrounding areas that would ease the burden of high prices and give outstanding service to families from all walks of life, while strengthening relationships within the community.

Our Valued Staff

  • Edward Sagel

    Edward Sagel Funeral Director, Managing Partner, Co-Owner

  • Albert Bloomfield

    Albert Bloomfield Funeral Director, Managing Partner, Co-Owner

  • Scott Massingill

    Scott Massingill Director Of Operations

  • Andrew  Linthicum

    Andrew Linthicum Director of Advanced Planning

  • Tisha Reid

    Tisha Reid Licensed Funeral Director

  • Ron Rivenburgh

    Ron Rivenburgh Licensed Funeral Director, USN, Ret.

  • Steve Fantl

    Steve Fantl Licensed Funeral Director

  • Kurt Blake

    Kurt Blake Licensed Funeral Director

  • Angela Eiss

    Angela Eiss Funeral Director Apprentice

  • Larry Shor

    Larry Shor Director of Monument Sales & Service Division

  • K Robert Dresner

    K Robert Dresner Office Manager

  • Lisa Vandewalle

    Lisa Vandewalle Assistant to the Director

  • Michelle Patino

    Michelle Patino Administration

  • Kristen Kirchhofer

    Kristen Kirchhofer Administration

  • Shane Seglin

    Shane Seglin Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Edwin Vega

    Edwin Vega Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Joseph Bloomfield

    Joseph Bloomfield Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Sammy Sagel

    Sammy Sagel Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Sydnie Rivenburgh

    Sydnie Rivenburgh Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Ben Rivenburgh

    Ben Rivenburgh Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Debbie Sagel

    Debbie Sagel Director of Social Media

  • Max Bloomfield

    Max Bloomfield Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Daniel  Bloomfield

    Daniel Bloomfield Funeral Care Coordinator

  • Walter  Simon

    Walter Simon Funeral Assistant

  • Zoila B

    Zoila B Facility Comfort

  • Roxie Bloomfield

    Roxie Bloomfield Registered PAL Therapy Dog

  • Benji Sagel

    Benji Sagel Comfort Dog