Gaithersburg, MD

Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Inc. is proud to serve the Jewish community. In the Jewish tradition, a grave should be marked as soon as possible. Although monument services can be discussed at the arrangement conference, families often prefer to have a separate meeting with us to address this issue. We contact families by mail approximately a month after the funeral service to prompt them to begin considering monument arrangements. Generally, our process starts with obtaining information about the qualities that you desire in the stone, such as deciding upon its size, shape and color. We then discuss the rock’s inscription, text and imagery. We often invite families to the cemetery to see the sizes and designs available. This also allows the family to see how the monuments react to the changes in weather and soil conditions. We promptly provide the family with a timetable for cutting, delivery and setting so that the family is equipped to arrange their unveiling ceremony.

Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Inc. also serves families from all other backgrounds and cultures. Many families prefer to receive the comfort of having a traditional funeral service, whether they choose interment or cremation. If that is your wish, we will provide you with a visitation having either an open or closed casket and a following funeral service. If you chose to bury your loved one, there is also a short interment service at the burial site. We also offer special procession services inspired by such things as motorcycles or a horse-drawn carriage.  

For those who decide to have their loved one cremated, a memorial service is an excellent way to celebrate the life of the deceased. After the cremation, this ceremony can be held at the place and time of your choosing. Many of these gatherings have the urn as the focal point. A memorial service can be held at a restaurant, church, beach, park, our lovely facilities or another setting. As with a funeral service, you can theme the memorial gathering to reflect the individuality of the deceased. For example, if he or she was a big sports fan, you can incorporate sports paraphernalia and clothing into the tribute.

Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Inc. is an excellent provider of urgent need final arrangements. In addition, they have top-quality pre-planning services as well. Pre-planning should be considered a natural part of life because it effectively deals with an inevitable situation. When you pre-plan, you have the luxury of making your own end-of-life decisions while in a calm and reasonable state of mind. You can simply write down your desires for your funeral and give it to us, a trusted friend or family member. Or, you can also pre-fund your funeral and avoid the ravages of inflation and the burdening of your family with the costs of your final expenses. This gift of love and compassion to your family will be much appreciated.