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Funeral Homes and Cremation Services in Silver Spring, MD

Sagel Bloomfield Danzansky Goldberg Funeral Care, Inc. provides expert assistance with funeral pre-planning, funeral services, burials and cremations in the Silver Spring, MD area. Our funeral professionals have many years of experiences preparing departed loved ones for their visitation or viewing and are skilled at cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, dressing, casketing, hair-styling and applying cosmetology. Our goal is to achieve the best possible appearance for your deceased. Please contact us when in need of making final arrangements.

Deciding to pre-plan your funeral is a wise choice because it allows you to plan for a sad yet unavoidable event. You are in the position of making end-of-life decisions while you are calm and rational. It avoids these deeply personal and sometimes difficult decisions being left for your family to make while they are in a state of deep grief. Making your preferences clear by committing them to writing will benefit you and the ones you love. Those who survive you will not disagree or argue about how to celebrate your life and handle your final disposition. You control the budget for your funeral, your casket choice, funeral flower arrangements, musical selections, prayers, who officiates the service, whether you are buried or cremated and all other aspects of your final arrangements. It will be a comfort for your family and friends to see your personality infused into the ceremony. Your interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices can be reflected there. We would be honored to keep your completed plan on file in our office to be put into effect at the time of need.

Although not necessary to funeral pre-planning, pre-payment has its advantages. You and your family will be spared the significant financial effects of inflation. Your pre-funded money is placed in either a state-approved trust account or with a top-rated insurance company, earning interest to compensate for any future price increases. Once your plan is paid for completely, we guarantee our prices. Your family will be freed from the financial burden of paying for your final arrangements and will appreciate this last act of love and compassion.  

Funerals are important events in our society. They lay the foundation for the healing process. We offer personalized services that include tribute videos, customized printing and live funeral webcasting.