Honoring Life

Recognizing your loved one’s accomplishments and honoring the relationship that you shared are the focal points of the healing process.

The Relationship is key

By paying tribute to the life of your loved one, you show how much you value the bond you both shared. It would be our privilege to assist you in celebrating that deep connection and in commemorating the person you have lost. You are encouraged to add our memorialization suggestions to your own ideas. By working closely together, we will design and execute a meaningful and memorable ceremony that truly captures the spirit of your loved one. Please contact us today to speak about the many ways that we can help.

Tribute Videos

We put amazing graphic images and music together with your treasured family photographs to create a graceful and emotionally evoking cinematic video. It can serve as a central element of any memorial service or funeral. After its use in the ceremony, the video will surely become a valued family keepsake. Also, we can make duplicates of it for you to give to family and friends as gifts.

Customized Printed Materials

We provide personalized memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, folders and service programs through Life Tributes. With the variety of options that Life Tributes makes available to us, we can contribute a unique element to the service, allowing your guests to leave with a special keepsake.

Online memorials

Largely due to its financial advantages and permanent accessibility, the memorial website is quickly replacing the traditional printed obituary. We have taken this concept to new levels. Our memorial sites are more than simple repositories for pictures and videos. They are Web 2.0 tools that can be used to stay in touch with friends and relatives in memory of your loved one. Please take a tour to see its amazing potential to celebrate relationships, pay tribute to a life and keep record of the love you shared.

Learn More tribute ideas

Combining your intimate knowledge of your deceased with our many years of experience will result in the most fitting funeral or memorial service for your loved one. To discuss your options and to obtain answers to your questions, please call us at 301-340-1400 or email us.